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Food Business Innovation: Bring your Dream to Market

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Key Information

100% Online
Learn at your own convenience

26 July - 3 October 2021
Live learning and discussion with instructor every week
50 Hours of Learning
10 weeks of study: 4-5 hours per week
Euro 1240
All inclusive
Course offered in English

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and scope new opportunities/products for a food business.
  • Develop breakthrough insights to improve/inspire your business idea.
  • Create professional written concepts.
  • Test and improve your product(s) with your intended consumers.
  • Articulate a clear competitive positioning and Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • Create a launch plan.

This course will give you the toolbox to find the competitive edge for your business idea(s) and product(s) in the competitive, globalized world of food.


Who is this course for?

This course will appeal to food entrepreneurs and individuals who are currently starting a food business, or have an idea/concept, but need the tools to move from dream to commercial product. Working food professionals (R&D, marketing, strategy, etc.) wanting to upskill, and professionals displaced by the coronavirus looking for inspiration and knowledge to pivot careers may also benefit from this course.


Instructor: Alexander Runne

Alexander Runne has worked across the USA, UK, Asia and now Australia as a leader in the brand and innovation space. Alex has spent much of his innovation career driving new product pipelines and creating innovation processes for the world’s largest food companies including Pepsico, Kraft Australia, Coca Cola, and Mondelez APAC. Alex worked as Chief Strategy Officer of China’s Ogilvy Group Shanghai ad agency, and as Chief Strategy Officer of the investment group building one of Australia’s largest new food companies, Kinrise. Having gone from corporate leadership to packaging his own food business, Alex has an expansive toolkit of anecdotes and experiences to share.


Career Opportunities

Becoming a food entrepreneur. Improved innovation performance/profile in existing organizations (anyone in a food business will be able to apply these skills to product and brand development). Coaching/consulting career.


Here is the course outline:

Where to Play - define your opportunity with clarity

Meet Alex Runne, your instructor. We start by clarifying and refining your product or business idea, and learn how to spot a good commercial opportunity.

Scope for Success

Ideas that start in the clouds end in the clouds. In this topic we will discuss tools and techniques for creating a tight, actionable and commercially focused project brief.

Free Your Mind - Expansive Thinking

Develop your expansive thinking technique, stimulus and reframing tools to make your idea bigger and better.

Develop Inspirational Insights

There are some things about your audience and product that all your competitors know - these are called 'hygiene insights'. The things that only you have uncovered are 'inspirational insights' - getting these right will make your business.

Commercialise your Idea

Moving from insight to fully formed idea - this week we learn the techniques to write your business concept that you, and everyone else can clearly understand and support.

Make it Real - develop your prototype

A food concept is only as good as it tastes and looks. And eating is much more fun than talking about it! This week we explore the innovation tool of 'realness', and practice methods of bringing our concept to vivid, delicious life, both quickly and cost-efficiently.

Co-Building: test, evolve and improve your product

Every new food concept needs to meet the real world eventually. By co-building, we learn research techniques for product testing and the power of further evolving a product or business idea with our intended consumers.

Competitive Positioning

Where does your product fit in the market, and what are you replacing in your consumers’ lives? As our new product or business takes shape, we will about the 5 P’s (Product, People, Price, Promotion, Place) and see where our business fits in the market.

Articulate Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

This is it - why should consumers pick you? The single hardest sentence you will ever write as an innovator and/or entrepreneur. No back story, no painstaking detail, no comparisons. What, in a few simple and clear words, is special about your product? This is the golden sentence you will tell everyone; it will be written on a piece of paper on your desk for years to come to keep you focused and honest.

Ready for Launch

Global giants in the food industry routinely spend upwards of USD$40m to bring a new product to market. We will discover the innovative and accessible tools we all have at hand to launch a new food concept for a few dollars less than that.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Certificate of Completion 2021
Statement of Results 2021
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