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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will help you understand Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning courses better and how these courses can help you. You can browse the topics below to find what you are looking for.



Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning offers a variety of online learning courses, giving you the opportunity to pursue education whether for personal or professional development in a flexible online format. These short, industry-relevant programs are designed to expand your knowledge and will support your career in different facets of Hospitality, Gastronomy, Food & Wine and Management.
Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning courses are customized to the needs of working professionals. Participants can customise a path of study to suit their own personal and/or professional goals. Participants benefit from Le Cordon Bleu's rich history of excellence in gastronomy and hospitality education and have the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere.  Participants also benefit from the networking opportunities with our global alumni network.
Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning programs will transform you and help you: 

Create “Intellectual Capital”
• Engage with Le Cordon Bleu’s world-class faculty around the world and learn from the best in the trade.
• Interact and share experiences with a diverse set of peers who come from different countries, cultures, industries and experiences.
• Learn and upskill yourself through the 360 feedback and coaching

Create “Social Capital”
• Lifelong connections with the Le Cordon Bleu community of learners across 100 nationalities.

Create “Brand Capital”
• Earn a prestigious internationally recognised Le Cordon Bleu qualification that you can share on your resume or social profile as a testament to your passion and interest in the subject.
Past courses typically have had participants from every continent of the world. We maintain an internationally diverse participant mix.
Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning courses cater to working professionals and therefore no placement assistance is provided to participants. These courses however upskill the participants to help make them industry-ready. The courses offer vast networking opportunities.
At this moment, we are unable to provide contact details of previous participants, however, we are pleased to provide testimonials for your review. Please write to us at


Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning courses are delivered using the flipped classroom approach. Typically, the courses include:
• 3-4 hours of self-study per week which includes recommended reading, recorded lectures, interviews, and discussion forum activities;
• 2-3 hours of assignments per week, depending on the course;
• 1-1½ hours per week of online live learning and discussion with your instructor and fellow participants.
All courses are conducted by Le Cordon Bleu faculty who are qualified instructors and industry practitioners. The pedagogy is highly interactive and incorporates expansive teaching methods and approaches. Our live online learning and discussion sessions are enriched with videos, real-life case studies, industry examples and general discussions.
Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning is delivered virtually via an easy-to-use learning platform called ENGAGE, which incorporates all the tools you require to effectively achieve your personal and/or professional learning goals. ENGAGE is a web-based, immersive and collaborative environment which goes far beyond the typical one-to-many presentation of regular online education. It allows you to easily access information, advice, learning materials and guides to support you in your course of study. Unlike the passive nature of most online courses whereby participants simply view a pre-recorded lecture, Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning courses are delivered by experienced facilitators via live webinars, current learning content, and interviews with relevant industry experts, within an interactive learning environment.
The timing for live online learning and discussion sessions differ with each course. Please refer to the relevant course information for the session schedule. If you are unable to attend the scheduled session, it will be recorded for you to replay at a convenient time and as many times as you require. A detailed weekly schedule is available through ENGAGE for each course, once you are enrolled.  
Participation is key to the successful completion of online courses and attendance criteria may vary for each course. All live online sessions are recorded, and participants can view the recorded session later until the end of the course. 
The participants are graded based on assignments (submitted online) and participation. All the assignments in the course count towards the final successful completion of the course. Personalized and objective feedback is provided to every participant. The minimum overall course grade required to be awarded a Certificate of Completion is a Pass grade (above 50%). All grading is moderated.
Once you enrol in a course, you will have access to the learning platform and be able to start navigating the system. The course will open two days before the start date, and weekly content is provided in advance. Assignments can be reviewed and submitted once each week's topic has begun. All learning materials will be available for six (6) months after course completion. 
Le Cordon Bleu’s online learning platform offers networking opportunities with other peers via forums and discussion boards. Participants can collaborate, share, and provide feedback on the work of their peers in many courses.
Upon successful completion of a course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and Statement of Results, accredited by La Fondation Le Cordon Bleu. The certificates will be made available digitally in secured & verified PDF format, so you can download, share or print them anywhere when you receive them after you finish the course. The sample certificate is appended to each course information page.


On successful completion of a course, you are provided access to the Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning Network. This engaged community is your platform to connect with a global network of individuals to share your professional experiences and success stories, generate ideas, develop ventures, identify opportunities, join discussions, participate in upcoming events and access global career opportunities. At Le Cordon Bleu, we aim to support our students continuous learning needs. Students are provided tuition assistance codes for use in future courses of choice (one per course). As Le Cordon Bleu's footprint increases across the world, various events are conducted in different locations or online. These events serve as the perfect platform to bring the global community together, providing valuable experience sharing and networking opportunities. 


Enrolling on online learning courses is very easy. New participants can directly enrol by choosing their course(s) of choice to the cart, filling in a form and paying the requisite fees online during checkout. Your account is created automatically, and your enrolment is confirmed immediately. 
While your course of choice may have a separate set of criteria (please refer to the relevant course information page), most Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning courses have no prerequisites. No prior knowledge or experience is required, though a passion for food, gastronomy, hospitality and tourism, and an enthusiasm for learning are recommended.
These courses rest on an assumption of your interest and/or expertise in a professional domain, with a view to increasing specialist subject knowledge in the relevant practice. This interest may be motivated by your desire to work in the sector, develop new opportunities, report on or market to them, or evaluate growth or change. Subject curiosity may alternatively be the motivating factor among participants who do not currently, and do not plan to, work in the sector or one related to it – you may identify as a life-long learner wanting to increase your knowledge in a topic of interest to you.
Please refer to the relevant course information page to view the course fees. Visit for more information.
Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning courses typically have participants from many countries and since the Euro is the standard benchmark currency across countries, it is being used as the course fee currency.
Our payment gateway accepts most credit cards. You can pay using a credit card in your local currency. Your bank will convert the Euro amount into your local currency at a rate relevant at the time of transaction. If you require assistance with your online payment, we are happy to walk you through the process. Please write to us at
Each course has a separate admission cycle. The details are mentioned on the course information page. Visit
The enrolment process is the same for self-sponsored and company-sponsored participants. For bulk corporate applications, please contact
No documents are required for admission to our courses. 
Total numbers may vary according to the course. Most courses are in high demand and have limited seats to ensure active engagement. We encourage you to enrol and reserve your seats at the earliest opportunity.
The course fee includes the course content and delivery, live online learning and discussions, assignments, grading, certification and tax unless otherwise specified. There are no additional fees. The Course Fee is to be paid online by credit/debit card and in full at the time of enrolling. There is no instalment schedule available. All fees are in Euros.
Participants can be issued a refund of 85% of the course fee if requested more than 28 days prior to course commencement. No refund can be issued less than 28 days prior to course commencement, and/or once the course has commenced. Le Cordon Bleu is not liable for any Forex (currency) variance between payment and refund amounts.
Scholarships are not available for Online Learning courses.
Leave of Absence is not permitted in Online Learning Courses. Participants can request a deferral up to five days before course commencement, in which case fees can be transferred to another delivery date; the participant is required to pay the difference if there is any change of course fee. Participants may be granted deferral within the first five days of the course under exceptional circumstances only.

Still have questions, please email us at