Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning follows a unique learning model which enables our learners to successfully complete their course.



All courses start with an orientation module where you will be introduced to the other participants in the class from across the world. You will also learn how to use the learning platform and other learning tools provided.

Weekly Goals

Learning goals are set for each week. The goals include watching the video lectures, reading the assigned texts and completing the assignments. All assignments have deadlines.

Learning Videos

The course includes recorded video lectures by the faculty and industry experts. These can be viewed on the learning platform and cannot be downloaded. 

Live Lecture Sessions

Each week, a live online lecture is conducted by the lead instructor, who contextualises the weekly content and assists with questions you may have regarding your assignments. These live lecturers are also recorded for later viewing.

Peer Learning & Feedback

Our courses offer you the unique feature of peer-to-peer learning through learning circles, discussions, and feedback on assignment submissions.  This provides for an active, engaged and immersive learning experience.

Clarifying Doubts 

In additional to live sessions, the instructors clarify doubts pertaining to the content through email and chat facility within the platform. 

Support Team

If at any point during the course, you need tech, content or academic support, you can connect with the support team (either by an email or through the Help-desk within the learning platform, and you will typically receive a response within 24 working hours or less.

Continued Course Access

You will also continue to have access to the course videos and learning material for up to 3 months after the completion of the course.