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Plant-Based Diets: Nutrition & Wellness

Robyn Nowell
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There is a rising trend that people are proportionately choosing more foods from plant sources, the way we look at meat is changing and the consumer demand for plant-based, products and recipes books is unprecedented.

This course revolves around the science and culture of plant-based eating, what has caused its popularity and the evidence that supports it.

Here is the course outline:

1. The Plant Kingdom

Meet Samantha Gowing, your instructor. In this lesson, Samantha introduces you to plant-based diets and specifically the plant kingdom.

2. Planting the Seed; Trees of Knowledge

Can the garden make us smarter?

3. The Protein Paradox

Dive into the world of faux foods.

4. The Comfort Zone

Can we find comfort in plant-based foods?

5. Approaches to Wellness and the Soul of Soil

Discuss a number of plant-based philosophes and understand the complexities of soil health.

6. Sustainability and Food Miles

How food miles affect sustainability.

7. Culinary Plant Families: Bioflavonoids and Indoles

Discover the immune-building compounds found in specific groups of plants.

8. Culinary Plant Families: Brassicas and Solanaceae

Brassicas and cool-season crops.

9. Foraging and Feasting from the Field

Are you wild about plants? Let's go foraging.

10. Your Future of Food

Bringing it all together and where to next?


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Certificate of Completion 2022
Statement of Results
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