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About this Course

Global media is full of reports of ultra-healthy foods, from blueberries and beetroot to cacao and chia seeds. Often articles about health food claims to reflect the latest scientific evidence and assure readers that eating these foods will provide ‘health kicks’, strong immunity and youthfulness. However, actual evidence concerning the benefits of these foods is harder to identify. Café and restaurant menu buzzwords such as superfood, clean eating and powerfood, for example, are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. These keywords used as influential sales pitches for an exclusive menu item are often misunderstood terms used in the marketing of nutritional menu items that can carry an air of suspicion and confusion and lack an authoritative claim.

With the aim of developing consumer trust this module explores the scientific evidence that corroborates the classification of certain foods as more powerful than others and will assist the menu developer, business operator or health conscious foodie in creating astute, legally sound food and health facts and help identify future trends.


Who is it for?

Restaurateurs, chefs, food service staff, menu developers, food and health bloggers, bar staff, F&B managers, product development creators in hospitality, spas with food outlet and edible retail products, fitness and wellness professionals wanting to enter or add a food service stream to their existing business model and the lifelong learner interested in nutritional health trends.


Key Information

100% Online
Learn at your own convenience
5 August 2019 - 1 September 2019
Live online sessions once a week 
12.5 Hours of Learning
4 weeks of study, 3 hours/week and an assignment
EUR 550 
Special inaugural price

Course offered in English




Samantha Gowing

Chef, Clinical Nutritionist, Author

Before nutrition became trendy, before kale became the superfood superstar, and before the green juice Instagram selfie was ever a ‘thing’, there was Sam Gowing, spreading the word on healthy cuisine and all that it encompasses. The Chef hat-winning restaurateur retrained as a clinical nutritionist, and kick-started the ‘food as medicine’ movement.


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Here is the course outline:

Welcome & Orientation

Complete this short orientation to learn how to navigate through Le Cordon Bleu's Engage learning platform and upload required documentation.

Food Facts, Fads and Fiction

An overview of popular ingredients, a brief history of food fads and explore the future of healthy food on menus.

Menus and Marketing: Claim vs Aim

Understand current Food Act guidelines.

Macro and Micro Nutrients

Learn the difference between protein and carbohydrates, how minerals are the building blocks of cellular life and how they change when cooked.

Gastronomic Nutrition

How to have a healthy menu without flavour compromise and discuss and explore the future of healthy eating.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Certificate of Completion